Christina Blais Fiber Artist

The Big Move of 2018

I have moved my studio.  It has taken about two months to pack up, move, settle in, organize and weed out what I know I no longer will use.

Happy times at The NEST

It was a big decision to move from The Nest Arts Factory  back to home where this journey all started. I will miss the Open Studios events, including being part of the Bridgeport Art Trail where visitors gave me lots of positive feedback and encouragement.  The Open Studios were a true “high” for me. .. things were fun at The NEST during open studios;and you never knew how you would look when a photographer would be around.

But it turned out that my must-do’s fragmented my day, and I just wasn’t showing up at the studio with regularity or chunks of time.  And it was frustrating that whatever I needed was either at the studio or home, and I was in the other place.

So my darling husband and I waved our arms about our home, and determined we didn’t really need a TV room!  We took everything out, gifting to the Habitat for Humanity Restore.  The dog crate stayed, though, and Dutch – my dog and my favorite muse – is my new roomie.

Downward Dog Dutch

The new studio is smaller than the old, and a lot had to go.  Here is the old studio at The NEST: I felt like Goldilocks: this studio was Just Right!  Closets to hide things, room to move around.

Wowser! What a big space you have!

Here is the new space: it is a former one car garage:  The window you see on the right used to be the garage door, and the slider on the left goes out to the patio..I am going to like it here!

Before the fabric…

After the fabric…

But this is how it looks now:  tables of fabric that I want to give away,and not so tidy. but I am getting there.

It is very hard to be away from my creative work;  a piece I started months ago awaits gluing and stitching, but I have vowed to complete it next week.  After all, now that I am home, I can take advantage of all those little pockets of time!

Goodbye, NEST.

The NEST Arts Factory

Hello, Garage.

My new Center of the Universe