Is Your Bias Binding

Is your bias binding?  I love word play!  I think we go through life unexamined, and we need to pause everyone once in awhile to look at what we believe as true and to challenge our own thinking.

I have wanted to make this saying for a long time, and made this quilt for the SAQA Textile Posters exhibit.  It was not accepted (but check out Chien Blanc that was accepted).  I made the letters out of bias binding, of course, and the piece is minimally quilted, to resemble a sheet of paper.  The little figure at the bottom of the question mark can be seen in another work of mine: Dream Deferred. I am showing the smallness of life when we live it unchallenged.

I have designed Bias Binding T shirts with a different design than this quilt for you to wear and challenge your own and other's thinking.


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