Why do I primarily make collage quilts?  Good question!

There are many styles, techniques and materials that can be used in an art quilt:  there is photographic realism, abstraction, all sewn, all fused, enhancement with paints and other embellishments.

I enjoy the collage experience because it lowers my expectations that it has to be right the first time.  In collage, I put something down, and I cover it up only if I find a better fabric for that area.  I keep a fabric in place so long as I haven’t found anything better to go in its place.  So, it is all trial and error, experimentation, and seeing what happens.

Collage also means that an entire piece cannot be totally planned.   Certain fabric choices are going to mean other fabric choices down the line.  In Happy Dog, I nearly painted myself into a corner, having to find fabrics to blend from his belly to hind quarters.

I also choose not to use too many embellishments.  I used special beads in Meet Me at the Clock for the lights along the walls.  I do not paint any features in my quilts.  All details are created from fabric.

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